What are the advantages of using the UV-LED exposure systems?

The UV-KUB range of maskers and mask aligners was developed on the UV-LED technology, which offers numerous advantages, compared to the aging mercury steam lamp technology:

  • An incomparably more important life-time (>10,000h VS <1,500h)
  • The use of cold UV (not infra-red (IR) present in the spectrum, therefore no heating / thermal effects at the level of the resin),
  • The superior power density (>35mW/cm² VS 15-20mW/cm²),
  • Access to several curing modes such as the “pulse” mode, which allows to manage the effects of exposure and to prevent from the risk of over-exposure.
  • The possibility to adjust the density power of emission between 0 and 100% of maximum power
  • Offers a greater stability of the emitted power with no progressive decrease due to the source aging.
  • There is no need to warm up the source nor cooling sequence required.

UV-LED exposure and masking systems are perfect equipment for a bunch of applications such as:

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