What are the main differences between a masker or a masker aligner from UV-KUB range and a direct laser writer from Dilase range?

Kloe offers you two ranges of products: though the uv-led maskers and mask aligners from the UV-KUB range are used for masking lithography processes, our maskless equipment from Dilase range benefits from a vectorial mode that enable the direct writing on thick or thin resins.

The choice of the UV-KUB range is guided by the decision to use photomasks for lithography processes

Main advantages:

  • simultaneous and fast production of patterns on the same working surface.
  • plug and play equipment: no need for an external intervention
  • doesn't need to be used inside a cleanroom, thanks to its completely closed structure

The choice of the Dilase range corresponds to a need to use a tool particularly adapted for fast prototyping at low costs

This is also the need to be able to structure resin thicknesses that may vary from a few hundred nanometres to several hundred microns with vertical side walls in all circumstances.

Main advantages:

  • maskless technology, well adapted to fast prototyping and for the development of new functions at minimum costs.
  • technology of micro-fabrication compatible with the structuration of very thick resins (large depth of focus)
  • technology of micro-structuration with a very high resolution (<0.5µm)
  • fabrication of your own photomasks.

Mask aligners and direct laser writers offer both advantages, according to your needs and goals

Although a mask aligner is limited as far as changing designs (design “frozen” by the photomask configuration), it offers a speed of manufacturing superior to a direct laser writing system.

However, a maskless lithography equipment proposes a better resolution and a larger depth of focus than a mask alignment system. Moreover, it offers much more flexibility than a mask aligner.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding the choice of your photolithography equipment: we will be pleased to advise you to find the most suitable machine for you.


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