Can Kloe's direct laser writers or mask aligners create a structure or a particular profile?

Each year, our team develops between 50-80 new prototypes for a wide variety of applications: microfluidics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry, 3D biotechnology, MEMS…

Whether it’s a simple request or more complex tailor-made project, the team at Kloe is available to help you assess the potential of solutions and to check whether it fits with your expectations in terms of performance.

In order to have an idea of the capacities of our photolithography and soft lithography equipment, we invite you to have a look at examples of microstructures, manufactured in numerous domains such as:

See our range of maskers and mask aligners: the UV-KUB range

See our range of direct laser writing equipment: the Dilase range

See our High Resolution 3D Printer Dilase 3D