Expertise in photolithography: direct laser writing, maskless lithography & photoresists

Kloé is today a major global player in photolithographic technologies with mask and laser. Its expertise, for more than 15 years in the lithographic production systems and photo-sensitive resins are testimony of Kloé’s unique know-how in the control of photon-matter interactions.

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Laser photolithography,
maskless processes & direct laser writing

Our fields of application

Photolithography : our expertise

Kloé, experts of high-resolution lithography

Consequently, Kloé, currently the sole x micro-technology equipment supplier, is capable of designing and producing high resolution photolithographic equipment by direct laser writing and mask-aligners. The photo-inscription and soft lithography are at the heart of our profession and our passion to offer our customers the best performing optic lithographic equipment available.

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Laser photolithography abroad

Soft lithographic type equipment for photo-lithography, like mask aligners and direct writing solutions produced by Kloé are today deployed in more than 40 countries in 5 continents. Kloé has developed a network of competent distributors specialised in optical photolithography offering a service of proximity while listening to the needs and evolution of our customers.

Laser photolithography abroad

Distributors listing


Israel : Pico Tech
17 Hamefalsim st., Petach Tikva,
Zip 49514
Tél: +44 1480 396 395
Responsable produits: Mr Michael BELENKI

Direct writing equipment dedicated to microfluidics

First of all, our equipment range is designed for researchers and industrial players working in microfluidics. Some of our equipment has been directly designed to answer the specific demands and expectations in microfluidics. The Kloé range equally caters for the high demands and specifications of professionals in microelectronics, photonics and MEMS..

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Kloé, Silver sponsor and exhibitor at µTAS 2018 Conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

11/07/2018 - 16:44

For the 4th time, Kloé will sponsor the 22th International conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, dedicated to microfluidics, Lab on a chip and Organ on a chip.

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Kloé, Silver sponsor and exhibitor at µTAS 2018 Conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan