UV-KUB 9 - Insolator high-power density

UV high powered system for large surface exposure

The large surface exposure system UV-KUB 9 is a cold-UV exposure system based on LED technology emitting a high power density, homogeneous and monochromatic illumination (200mW/cm² +/- 5%) at 365nm over a working surface of 9 inches.

It is the ideal equipment for applications like wafer bonding, temporary bonding and blue tape exposure used for dicing microelectronic wafers, especially issued from grinding technologies.

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UV-LED insolator UV-KUB 9 with open drawer

High power density in complete safety

The UV-LED based light source

  • enables you to benefit from an adjustable high power density of cold UVs.
  • the non-collimated source is homogeneous at +/- 5% over a working surface of 9 inches.

A safe and user-friendly system

Opening and closing of the insertion-extraction drawer is manual, it guarantees a perfect protection of the user against any UV exposure while processing. All functions of UV-KUB 9 are controlled by touchscreen: its use is practical, easy and does note require a cleanroom environment.

Blue tapes UV exposure

The substrate holder can receive 4, 6 and 8 inches diameter wafers and dicing mainframes of 7 and 9 inches for  "blue tapes" UV exposure. 
The total exposure time for the inhition of "blue tapes" at full power is around 20 seconds. 

UV-LED based flood exposure system

Explanatory diagram of the structure of insolator high power density UV-KUB 9

Compact and very low energy consumption

The insolator high-power density UV-KUB 9 offers a vigourous energy efficiency as it consumes only 800W. Therefore it enables to considerably reduce the consumption of energy, comparing to a classic UV source lamp based on Hg (around 1/10 factor). For these reasons, it generates a low heat associated with its operation, which is a real advantage for a use in cleanroom.

  • Wavelength: 365nm +/- 5nm
  • Power density: 200mW/cm² +/- 5%
  • Substrate warm-up during exposure: < 2°C
  • Exposure cycle: between 1s and 1h
  • Number of programmable cycles: 10
  • Dimensions: 350 x 410 x 355mm
  • Weight: 22kg / 48lbs
  • Colour touchscreen:  5,7 inches
  • Power supply: 100V/240V - 50Hz/60Hz
  • Consumption​: 800W
  • Exposure time blue tapes: ADWILL D650 - 15s
  • Exposure time blue tapes: ADWILL D175 P370 - 45s
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