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UV LED masker : UV-KUB 2

Exposure‑masking system: UV‑KUB 2

One level mask aligner

The exposure and masking system UV-KUB 2, is the first UV-LED masking system available on the international market. The UV-KUB 2 is a compact exposure-masking system equipped with an LED based optical head, collimated and homogeneous.

Its masking function enables to reach resolutions less than 1µm. This system is compatible with any of the most popular photoresists such as AZ series, Shipley series, SU-8 and K-CL series.

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A new approach of masking

The mask aligner range UV-KUB proposes equipment with different levels of flexibility and functionality, in 4'' or 6'' version, with or without alignment function.

With the UV-KUB 2 you benefit from the LED technology:

  • a cold UV source, therefore eliminating undesirable thermal effects and form a perfectly monochromatic illumination.
  • you can operate in continuous or pulse mode
  • lifetime of the LEDs >10000h: no particular maintenance needed.

By its hermetic configuration, the UV-KUB 2 is an ideal exposure equipment for your laboratory or clean-room. 

Compact and controlled by touchscreen, the UV-KUB 2 ensures safety through an entirely closed exposure chamber, with both hard or soft contact modes available. 

It is a laboratory equipment especially well suited for:

  • the creation of microfluidic systems
  • integrated optical circuits 
  • surface microstructuration by photolithography.

UV-KUB : LED generation

UV-KUB : LED generation

Unrivalled collimation performance

Kloé company has paid particular attention to the unique and specific optical processing chain based on its broad experience in this field.

The high quality collimation system of the UV LEDs that equips the UV-KUB 2 enables to benefit a homogeneous high resolution over the 4 or 6 inches working surface, depending the version.

The angle of divergence of the UV light source is less than 2°. Therefore the achievement of patterns with less than 1µm of resolution and with excellent verticality of edges on thick layers is guaranteed.


  • Resolution :  1µm
  • Wavelength : 365nm +/- 5nm
  • Power density​ : 35mW/cm² +/- 10%
  • Substrate warm-up during exposure : < 1° C
  • Exposure cycle : between 1s and 1h
  • Number of programmable cycles  : 10
  • Dimensions : 260  x 260 x 260mm
  • Weight​ : 8,2kg / 18lbs
  • Colour touchscreen :  5,7 inches
  • Power supply : 100V/240V - 50Hz/60Hz
  • Consumption : 180W
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