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Fast dynamic interferometric lithography for large submicrometric period diffraction gratings production

This paper describes a successful technological transfer, from a state laboratory to an industrial company, for writing long and large submicron period gratings (potentially square-meter sized), implemented in an industrial direct laser beam writing equipment at 355 nm wavelength (Dilase 750 from KLOE SA company). The writing head, which has been inserted in the machine, consists of a phase mask which enables it to project a set of fringes pattern of small area onto a photoresist-coated substrate. As the substrate is continuously moving, one-dimensional or two-dimensional gratings can be fabricated over large areas limited only by the machine’s stage displacement range. The optical scheme is described from the beam shaping to the printing processes and the phase mask optimization. In order to demonstrate the technology, 600 nm period gratings of over 20 cm in length have been fabricated. Such submicron structures can be used in solar cell modules for photon trapping and as antireflection coatings.

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Valentin Gâté, Gérard Bernaud, Colette Veillas, Anthony Cazier, Francis Vocanson, Yves Jourlin, Michel Langlet

Use case of direct laser writing equipment Dilase 750

Field of application