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Laser photolithography & UV exposure :
High aspect ratio

Nowadays, micro-technologies are not reserved exclusively to semiconductor and micro-electronic applications.

Many other domains call for micro-technologies to manufacture micro-elements, such as micro-optics, micro-fluidic circuits or micro-mechanic elements.

The micro-technologies are also used increasinglyfor surface functionalization or to give them different or accumulated physico-chemical properties. it is therefore possible, thanks to photolithography, to give hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties to a surface or an objector to modify acoustic or optical properties. The micro-structures exhibiting a high aspect ratio (ratio of width with height) form part of these structures that allow you to modify the properties of certain surfaces.

The specific laser beam-shape, developed by Kloé, allows a fast, easy and low-cost production of this type of micro-structure with high aspect ratios. The Dilase technology means you can obtain high aspect ratio as high as 1X50 by a simple photolithographic process without having to require high-cost technologies such as plasma etching.

Microfabrications overview
Aperçu 1
Aperçu 2
Aperçu 3
Aperçu 4
10μm Diameter Micropillars
High Aspect Ratio - Array of lines 1x50
High Aspect Ratio - Square wells 1x80
High Aspect Ratio Microcylinder
High Aspect Ratio Microdot array 2x50
High Aspect Ratio Microcircles
Slanted Microstructure - Micromirror