THERACHIP project – MINT Laboratory – Angers University – Brice Calvignac

Interview with Brice Calvignac, University Professor of Process Engineering, Angers University, MINT Laboratory, UMR INSERM U1066, CNRS 6021

Micro-implant THERACHIP, made in 3D printing, with high resolution 3d printer Dilase 3D

THERACHIP is an implantable drug delivery device, having a fluid connection system, connected to a pump. This pump can be implantable or external.

Connected to a catheter, the device, supplied by the pump, consists of a network of 3 needles which will allow implantation on a tissue, an organ or possibly an artery.

This implantable micro-device was made using the 3D microstereolithography technology of the high-resolution 3D printer created by Kloe, the Dilase 3D.

The goal of the THERACHIP micro-implant is to treat brain cancers, grade 4 brain tumors or glioblastomas, which are both the most aggressive and the most common (around 75% of brain tumors), by injection of treatments as close as possible to the tumor.

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Brice Calvignac

Use case of high resolution 3D printer Dilase 3D

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