They talk about us!

O wearing hat and holding newspaper alongside high resolution 3d printer Dilase 3D

Kloe is proud for being quoted in 3 articles in the famous magazine Nature.

Two of them present works realized with our Dilase 650:

  1. Graphene and photoresist patterning: NeuroMem: Analog Graphene-Based Resistive Memory for Artificial Neural Networks | Scientific Reports (
  2. Microfluidic system fabrication: Common-path interferometric label-free protein sensing with resonant dielectric nanostructures | Light: Science & Applications (

The third article presents sliding walls microfabrication, DNA application, produced with our Dilase 3D: Sliding walls: a new paradigm for fluidic actuation and protocol implementation in microfluidics | Microsystems & Nanoengineering (

It’s great to see what our equipment can do!