Optical fiber temperature sensor: K-FBG

Based on the proven Bragg grating technology

The temperature sensors developed by Kloe offer to benefit from both very high-resolution measurements and a high density of measurement by fibre-optics.

The specifications from our technology allow more particularly to point per demands of your applications that require a high sensitivity of detection to the demands of your applications that require a broad sensitivity of and continuous temperature measurements along the entire cable.

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Bespoke optical fiber sensor K-FBG for temperature measurement

Bespoke temperature sensors

To better answer the objectives of each project, our optical cables are custom-made to our clients specifications: from the number of sensors to be considered to their positioning along the fibre (regular or irregular), including the selection of protective cables to match with the constraints of the environment in which it must be installed.

Adapted to your needs

Furthermore, the interrogation for measuring temperatures observed along the optical cables is also dimensioned by us to satisfy your application. 

Association of one of our interrogators with our cables solutions constitutes one of the highest performing configurations available in the market for optical measurements of temperature.

The bandwith of the optical source

is adapted to the number of sensors deployed per measuring cable.

The number of optical cables

that may be controlled by the same interrogator is also adjustable.

The type of packaging of the latter

may also be dimensioned to answer to match with the demanding conditions of its exploitation (configurations: portable format / sedentary, bay server / climatized or not).

Computer screen with software controlling optical fiber sensor K-FBG

Precision in real-time

  • Range of temperatures available in standard: - 180°C up to + 150°C
  • Up to 100 sensors on a single optical cable
  • Up to 8 fibers can be monitored with an unique interrogator in standard (more on demand)
  • High temperature sensitivity (up to 0.1°C)
  • Perfect reversibility of the informations received (no hysteresis effect)
  • High reactivity of the sensors: instantaneous time response
  • Time necessary to refresh the data (per cable): < 10 sec
  • Measurable distance (in standard): 0 - 50 Km
  • Frequency based measurement: minor influence of the signal intensity level (S/N : 45dB)
  • No particular maintenance needed
3 different models of monitoring solutions compatible with optical fiber sensor K-FBG

Our associated monitoring solutions

Kloe has designed and marketed a complete range of interrogation systems compatible with K-FBGs, the K-FBG Monitoring Units, adapted to the monitoring of these temperature sensors. We offer several monitoring solutions according to the area of applications, the on-site configuration and the density of measurement points expected.

Therefore, systems compatible with 30, 60 or 100 sensors per sensing cable is able to interrogate from 1 to 8 optical fibers. Each of these systems can be packaged into a nomad version to facilitate the on-site portability, or into static version, in the form of an equipped storage bay, ventilated or air-conditionned.