GDR Microfluidique – Toulouse – 23th & 24th September 2021

Back on… Paul Coudray’s intervention on GDR Microfluidique

15 years ago, Kloe made the bet of development of microfluidics.

For this reason, we have developed equipment dedicated to microfluidic chip fabrication to answer the specific needs of microfluidics community:

  • The capability to proceed thick resist layers with perfect vertical sidewalls and low surface roughness
  • No need for cleanroom environment
  • User-friendly for people not familiarized with microtechnology
  • Compact, robust and low cost equipment

Now we are pleased to offer a complete range composed with more than 10 equipment like:

Today, more than 70% of this GDR’s speakers come from laboratories or institutes that are equipped with at least one Kloe system. We wish to thank all of them for their confidence in our technology and invite the other to visit us to define together the right system to achieve their fabrication goals in microfluidics.