Let’s take a look of our new workplace

Kloe's facilities by night

Early 2020, we welcome friends, suppliers, customers… in our new facilities, in St-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, for an opening event.

For those who couldn’t be present this time, here is a little tour of this new workplace!

  1. The open space is dedicated to our equipment design and upgrades. Laser engineers, mechanics, electronics and software work here together on the equipment conception

  2. It’s time for R&D team to take over, once equipment plans are validated, and to develop prototypes before industrialization. Equipment are assembled, tested, modified… Day by day, Dilase and UV-KUB get close from their final version

  3. In the production workshops, the manufacturing team realizes all the steps to built our equipment.

  4. Finally, in the clean room, our equipment are tested before delivery to our customers. Demonstrations are also made in order to regularly develop new processes.

Kloé facilities: open-space

Kloé facilities: R&D room

Kloé facilities: production workshop

Kloé facilities: cleanroom