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Auteurs : Tong Chen, Blanca Gomez-Escoda, Javier Munoz-Garcia, Julien Babic, Laurent Griscom, Pei-Yun Jenny Wu and Damien Coudreuse

A drug-compatible and temperature-controlled microfluidic device for live-cell imaging

Auteurs : Javier Muñoz-Garcia, Julien Babic and Damien Coudreuse

Drug delivery and temperature control in microfluidic chips during live-cell imaging experiments

Auteurs : Valentin Gâté, Gérard Bernaud, Colette Veillas, Anthony Cazier, Francis Vocanson, Yves Jourlin, Michel Langlet

Fast dynamic interferometric lithography for large submicrometric period diffraction gratings production

Authors: Maxime Royon, Damien Jamon, Thomas Blanchet, François Royer, Francis Vocanson, Emmanuel Marin, Adriana Morana, Aziz Boukenter, Youcef Ouerdane, Yves Jourlin, Rolf Evenblij, Thijs Van Leest, Marie-Anne de Smet et Sylvain Girard

Sol–Gel Waveguide-Based Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring on Large Surfaces in Aerospace Domain

Auteurs : Lei Li, Jesus Rodriguez Sanchez, Felix Kohler, Anja Røyne, and Dag Kristian Dysthe

Microfluidic Control of Nucleation and Growth of CaCO3

Auteurs : I. Pasquet, H. Le Trong, V. Baco-Carles, L. Presmanes, C. Bonningue, V. Baylac, Ph. Tailhades, V. Conedera, P.F Calmon, D. Dragomirescu, H. Camon

Direct shaping of oxides by laser insolation of transition metal oxalates

Auteurs : Isabelle Pasquet, Hoa Le Trong, Valérie Baco, Véronique Conédéra, Henri Camon & Philippe Tailhades

Selective Laser Decomposition of Silver Oxalate: A New Way of Preparing and Shaping Metallic Silver Patterns

Auteurs : Leia Colin, Antoine Chevallier, Satoru Tsugawa, Florian Gacon, Christophe Godin, Virgile Viasnoff, Timothy E. Saunders and Olivier Hamant

Cortical tension overrides geometrical cues to orient microtubules in confined protoplasts

Auteurs : Alexandre Turani-i-Belloto, Thomas Brunet, Alexandre Khaldi and Jacques Leng

A Sacrificial Route for Soft Porous Polymers Synthesized via Frontal Photo-Polymerization

Auteurs : Alexandre Turani-i-Belloto, Nathan Meunier, Paola Lopez and Jacques Leng 

Diffusion-limited dissolution of calcium carbonate in a hydrogel