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Optics & Photonics

Optique et photonique

The two founders of Kloé company are originally researchers in photonics.

Dilase technologyhas been originally developed for the manufacture of integrated optical circuits dedicated to the telecoms and optical sensor markets. As a result, our equipment is naturally and implicitly addressed to this scientific and industrial community. As an example of active collaboration in this sector, Kloé worked for more than 10 years with and for Essilor International.

The main specifications required to produce integrated optical functions are :

  • Resolution and homogeneity over large areas,
  • Extreme finesse of the edges of written microstructures
  • The ability to materialize grayscale structures with a very low roughness of the order of ten nanometers.

Kloé initially developed the vector write mode for the fabrication of optical waveguides, because writing by a raster scan technique intrinsically induces too much roughness incompatible with light guidance without excessive propagation losses. Dilase equipment range is equipped with very high resolution writing heads with a large depth of field. This ensures high stability and homogeneity of the linewidth along all trajectories. Finally, thanks to the vector write mode and the great depth of field, the user of Dilase technology benefits from an unlimited number of gray levels simply by modulating, in real time, the writing velocity and the laser power.