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Photolithography sectors :


Microfluidics is certainly the field of application that is today the heart of our concerns.

UV-KUB 2 - 4 '' and UV KUB 3 - 4 '' equipment have been specifically developed to meet the needs of the microfluidic community in terms of performance, ease of use, compactness and price. Dilase 250 is also the first maskless photolithography equipment developed primarily for microfluidics.

To manufacture microfluidic circuits it is very important to be able to write in thick layers of resins, up to several hundreds of microns. In parallel, it is also necessary to guarantee a perfect quality on the written sidewalls , without excessive roughness. To do so, Kloé has developed a specific optical processing chain. It offers a unique depth of field (several hundred microns) and a vector-like (pen-style) writing mode instead of the traditional raster writing mode.