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Photolithography sectors :


Microelectronics remains, by far, the most consumer-intensive activity sector for photolithography processes.

Indeed, some complex functions can have up to 15 or even 20 successive masking levels with increasing pattern densities and resolutions ever finer.

Masking, and thus the manufacture of very high resolution high resolution photomasks, remains a key point for this activity. Since the thicknesses of resins used are extremely low (<1 μm), no specific beam shaping is required apart from, of course, the focusing of the beam.

DILASE equipment meets these specifications and enables the manufacture of high quality photolithography masks. However, in this exercise the equipment offered by Heidelberg Instruments, which has been its core business for over 30 years, is the fastest.

Dilase technology, however, is of interest in this sector if you plan to do rapid prototyping directly on wafer or samples with various thicknesses and / or small dimensions. Our Dilase equipment range is more dedicated to rapid prototyping than to photomasks production. They offer the user a much greater flexibility which is essential for the development of new functions on any type of substrate and for any type of application.

Finally, Kloé has developed the new generation of mask aligners, including UV KUB 3 for 6-inch wafers. This equipment incorporates all the latest technological innovations, such as a source based on UV LED technology, touch screens, CCD cameras or a control joypad to offer a compact, safe, fast and financially accessible equipment to the greatest possible number.