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UV curing adhesive : K‑ILU 2

UV-LED system for small surface

Adhesive curing system touchscreen controlled

The adhesive curing system, the K-ILU is an UV-LED adhesive curing, touchscreen controlled, offering continuous or flashing programmable curing modes.

The integrated cold-UV concept ensures very low-stress bondings, essential to any pigtailing and optical assembling processes.

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UV LED performance

With the K-ILU range of products, you benefit from the LED technology that generates a "cold UV" light source, thereby eliminating undesirable thermal effects. The LEDs emit perfectly monochromatic light.

The K-ILU are ideal UV exposure equipments for your laboratory or clean-room. Compact, they can be used in continuous or flash exposure mode. The lifetime of LED (> 10000h) that form the UV source makes it a reliable and robust system over time, with no particular maintenance.

K-ILU: ease and confort of LED use

K-ILU: ease and confort of LED use

Optical assembling

Collages of optical chips, fiber matrix, pigtailing and V groove bonding are all essential optical assemblies today for processes in the fields of microelectronics, biotechnology, optics and photonics.

  • Wavelength: 365nm +/- 5nm
  • Power density : 100mW/cm² (focussed) or 35mW/cm² (collimated) 
  • Maximum exposure time : 10min (continuous mode) or 40min/h (flashing mode) 
  • Programmable number of cycles : 8 
  • Programming : by touchscreen
  • Power supply : 100V/240V - 50Hz/60Hz
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