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Laser photolithography & UV exposure :
Surface structuration

Surface structuring, to modify or adapt the physico-chemical properties, requires more and more resolution

The machining methods, by mechanical etching or laser, are no more enough precise today.

Laser photolithography offers a new perspective by gaining up to an order of magnitude when compared to conventional technologies and thus enabling to achieve high aspect ratio micros and nanostructures.

Thus, with Dilase technology, it is possible to modify the properties of a surface by simple lithography of a layer or even directly of the surface itself. A surface can thus become hydrophobic by making a matrix of high aspect ratio micropillars (1x20 and even higher), or hydrophilic by modifying the adhesion properties of the surface.

A multitude of surface functions can thus be obtained thanks to high aspect ratio structures, which constitutes one of the specificities of our Dilase equipment range. These systems are indeed equipped with a suitable laser beam shaping exhibiting very large depth of focus.

Microfabrications overview
Aperçu 1
Aperçu 2
Aperçu 3
Aperçu 4
100μm Thick Circles
Cross Section
Curved Microwalls
Hexagonal Micro Wells
High Aspect Ratio - Micropillars
High Aspect Ratio
Matrix of Round Micropillars
Resolution Kub