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Laser photolithography & UV exposure :

Micro-technologies were initially developed to answer to the needs of microelectronics and its evolution.

Essentially based on a thin-layers technology (often less than  one micrometre), the microelectronic functions have been more and more miniaturised for more than 30 years.

For mutualisation reasons of the manufacturing stages, the masking techniques hold an important place. However, the manufacture of photo masks continues to be done, according to resolutions wanted, either by laser writing (down to 500nm) or by electron beam lithography (below 500nm linewidth)

Kloé has developed the UV KUB, its own range of masking equipment and mask aligners that integrate all the last technological innovations, such as a UV LED based source perfectly monochromatic, at 365nm, with no infra-red emissions, CCD cameras instead of binoculars, a PAD of control, an embedded PC and a flat touch screen.

The equipment of the Dilase range are of course compatible with the manufacture of photo masks but offers, above all, the necessary flexibility to write directly with a laser on all dimension wafers as well as on very small samples with no size limit nor loss of resolution.

Microfabrications overview
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Microelectronic Alignment