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Laser photolithography & UV exposure :
3D biotechnology

Photolithography is also relevant to the field of biotechnologies that seek to reproduce living organs from stem cells or living cells.

These technologies known as "tissue engineering" require very high-resolution equipment, compatible with three-dimensional manufacturing.

To meet the expectations from the researchers in biomedical and biotechnologies, Kloé has developed a stereolithography equipment called Dilase 3D. This equipment makes possible to reach resolutions down to the micron scale while remaining compatible with the manufacture of large volume objects, typically up to 100x100x50mm3. The idea, at first, is to be able to reproduce structures that can simulate organs or parts of living organs, from synthetic materials. Thus, we have been able to demonstrate the possibility of producing a bone structure with extreme fidelity. Many other porous and three-dimensional structures are achievable thanks to the technology implemented in Dilase 3D.

Microfabrications overview
Eiffel tower Biotechnologie 3D
Tower Biotechnologie 3D
Aperçu 4
Atom Latice
Fractal Structure
Greek Temple
Gyroid Structure
Micro Needle
Micro Needle
Patchenko Trap
Tabecular Bone