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How to choose the most appropriate Dilase equipment to my needs?

Depending your applications, you may choose and configure the Dilase machine that suits your needs:

  • The D250 allows you to choose between two laser sources (375nm et 405nm) and the spot size from 1µm, whereas the maximum writing surface of writing is 100x100mm2.
  • The D650 allows you to choose from 3 laser sources (266nm, 375nm et 405nm) and to install up to two of them simultaneously on your equipment and to choose to install up to 2 spot sizes simultaneously from 0.8µm for a maximum of flexibility.

The D750 allows you to simultaneously install up to 3 laser sources chosen among the following 266nm, 325nm, 375nm et 405nm and to associate them with a maximum of 3 optical lines to work with up to 3 different spot sizes from 0.5µm. The working surface can be adjusted to your needs.